Choice boxes in various cities where people can go to record a message highlighting the issues they want the EU to deal with. CEEOL offers various services to subscribing institutions and their patrons to make access to its content as easy as possible. Now called the Western Harbour, this district of approximately hectares would be transformed from a heavy-duty industrial area into a diversified conurbation with space for attractive homes, businesses, schools, service facilities, parks and green spaces. Ministry of the Environment,

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Mainland Europe has been particularly hard hit and is now very much at the epicenter of the crisis. Italy, Spain and France are now on lockdown, having all experienced a large spike in the number of confirmed cases in the past couple of weeks.

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Drastic measures designed to halt the rate of contagion, such as the closure of restaurants, cafes, hotels, schools and cinemas, have been implemented across Daily Choice Strategy. of Europe, with borders closed and the movement of people severely restricted.

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Sporting events have either been cancelled or postponed, with even Daily Choice Strategy. gatherings now banned in many countries. The rate of growth in the number of overall confirmed cases, and indeed deaths caused by the virus, has continued to increase at an accelerated rate outside of China. Mainland Europe has also been particularly hard-hit, most notably Italy, which has experienced more deaths due to the virus than any other country.

Spain also appears to be on a similar trajectory, with Germany not far behind in terms of confirmed cases Figure 2.

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For context, the number of active cases in Italy i. In fact, the ratio of confirmed cases to deceased in Italy currently stands at approximately versus in China. Equity markets have borne the brunt of the sell-off as investors flee higher risk assets in favour of the safe-havens or, in many cases, exit the market altogether. The FTSE index, for instance, has tumbled to its lowest level sincehaving shed one-third of its value in under three weeks Figure 3.

Large scale intervention on the part of central banks and governments has helped to some extent, although it has far from fully restored investors confidence.

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The dollar has acted as the safe-haven currency of choice among traders during the crisis, as it has tended to do during times of intense market stress in the past. We outline below the three main reasons why we think the dollar has outperformed: 1 It is the most liquid currency in the world. An increase in the rigorousness of testing in the US has, however, led to a sharp increase in the number of confirmed cases there, with the country having now overtaken China as the worst affected country in the world.

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Now that the Federal Reserve has cut interest rates all the way down to zero, the reason for investors to buy the euro in the expectation of a narrowing in US-Euro Area interest rate differentials is now gone. Among the other major currencies, the Norwegian krone and Australian and New Zealand dollars have been among the most exposed, as has sterling. Measures of implied volatility in the pair Udostepniaj transakcje opcji w PFU sky-rocketed and have exceeded levels witnessed following the Brexit vote in June during the current crisis — levels that were deemed as unlikely to be reached again in a generation.

Further losses from current levels for these high-risk currencies are possible, in our view, while the virus is yet to peak in the key economic areas around the world.

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  • Providing expert currency analysis so small and mid-sized businesses can effectively navigate international markets.
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Figure 5: FX Performance Tracker [select currencies vs. USD] March How could the containment measures impact the global economy? We have begun receiving the first few pieces of economic data that show the true impact of the virus containment measures on the global economy in the past few days.

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Initial jobless claims in the US also sky-rocketed to 3. The Federal Reserve led the way, cutting rates by basis points to the effective lower bound while restarting its large-scale asset purchasing programme.

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A host of other central banks have since followed suit, either by cutting rates aggressively or by pumping liquidity into the market. The main issue for central banks is that there is only so much that they can do in the face of a health crisis. Policymakers cannot print a vaccine, nor can they get consumers through the doors of shops when the shops themselves are not even open for business.

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The most effective measures will instead, we believe, be those that target the most at-risk businesses, namely SMEs. This assistance has come in the form of Kryptografia dziennie such as debt forbearance, low-cost loans and government grants.

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That being said, we remain hopeful that the global economy will bounce back sharply once the worst is over and the containment measures are gradually lifted.

With governments ready to do whatever it takes, the goal of returning to an almost intact economic structure as soon as the epidemic is brought under control may be a reasonable one.

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We think that the latter is crucial. What could Daily Choice Strategy.

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next? With no historical precedent to draw upon, it is incredibly difficult to make any sort of accurate forecasts, particularly in the medium- to long-term. What we do know is that volatility in the market is almost certain to remain sky-high for now, particularly while the virus is yet to peak in the key economic areas around the world, namely Europe and the US.