Jednak cały czas wybuchały antyrządowe demonstracje. The Government of Bangladesh continued to donate land for an IOM project which established a coffee stand run by rehabilitated trafficking victims. Bezrobocie i niski poziom życia oraz zależność od pomocy z zagranicy stały się także podłożem do nastrojów antyindyjskich, szczególnie gdy w Asamie wybuchły zamieszki skierowane przeciwko uchodźcom z Bangladeszu. Osobne artykuły: cyklon Bhola i  wojna o niepodległość Bangladeszu. The government confirmed the existence of allegations against some Bangladeshi soldiers in Sierra Leone who may have engaged in or facilitated trafficking, but the government did not provide any information on investigations or prosecutions of these cases.

Prosecution[ edit ] The Government of Bangladesh did not provide evidence of increasing efforts to combat sex trafficking or forced labor during the reporting period.

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Bangladesh prohibits the trafficking of women and children for the purpose of commercial sexual exploitation or involuntary servitude under the Repression of Women and Children Act of amended inand prohibits the selling and buying of a Prostitution of children child under the age of 18 for prostitution in Articles and of its penal code.

The most common sentence imposed on convicted sex traffickers is life imprisonment.

Osobne artykuły: cyklon Bhola i  wojna o niepodległość Bangladeszu. W ówczesny Pakistan Wschodni został spustoszony przez cyklon Bholaktóry spowodował śmierć około pół miliona osób. Działania rządu pakistańskiego były niewystarczające, co spowodowało pogorszenie i tak już napiętych stosunków między nim a Bengalczykami. Czarę goryczy przelało niedopuszczenie do objęcia funkcji premiera przez Mujibura Rahmanamimo że jego partia, Liga Awamizdecydowanie wygrała wybory.

These penalties are very stringent and commensurate with those prescribed for other serious crimes, such as rape. Article of Penal code of Bangladesh Bangladesh's penal code prohibits forced labor, but the prescribed penalties of imprisonment for up to one year or a fine are not sufficiently stringent. This is a slight decrease from the 37 convictions obtained in The government did not report the conviction of any labor trafficking offenders.

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The government prosecuted 68 cases involving suspected sex trafficking offenders and conducted 26 investigations, compared with 90 prosecutions and investigations during the previous year. Forty-nine prosecutions resulted in acquittals; however, under Bangladeshi law the term "acquittal" can also refer to cases in which the parties settled out of court or witnesses did not appear in court.


Despite administrative actions taken against labor recruitment agencies involved in fraudulent recruitment and possible human trafficking, the government did not report any criminal prosecutions or convictions for labor trafficking offenses.

The Bangladeshi judicial system's handling of sex trafficking cases continued to have a large backlog and delays caused by procedural loopholes.

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Most sex trafficking cases are prosecuted by 42 special courts for the prosecution of crimes of violence against women and children in 32 districts of the country; those courts are generally more efficient than regular trial courts. During the year, there was some evidence of official complicity in human trafficking.

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Several NGOs reported a nexus among members of parliament and corrupt recruiting agencies and village level brokers and indicated that politicians and regional gangs were involved in human trafficking. Some NGOs also report that official recruitment agencies in Dhaka have linkages with employers in destination countries who sometimes put their migrant workers in situations of servitude.

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Low-level government employees were also complicit in trafficking. According to the Ministry of Home Affairs, the government prosecuted a civil servant who was complicit in trafficking; the trial remained ongoing at the end of the reporting period.

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The government Czy musze zaplacic za wybor zapasow the existence of allegations against some Bangladeshi soldiers in Sierra Leone who may have engaged in or facilitated trafficking, but the government did not provide any information on investigations or prosecutions of these cases.

Other government officials received training from NGOs, international organizations, and foreign governments.

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A report from a prominent NGO suggested that law enforcement trainings have not translated into increased prosecutions or a change in outlook. The government's lack of efforts to protect victims of forced labor — who constitute a large share of victims in the country — and adult male victims of trafficking is a continuing concern.

While the government did not have a systematic procedure to identify and refer female and child victims of trafficking, the courts, police, or Home Ministry officials referred victims of internal trafficking to shelters. Law enforcement officials identified and rescued 68 victims 38 females and 30 children in the reporting period, but it is uncertain whether they were referred to shelters.

In the previous year, law enforcement officials identified and rescued victims.

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While the government did not provide shelter or other services dedicated to trafficking victims, it continued to run nine homes for women and children victims of violence, including trafficking, as well as a "one-stop crisis center" for women and children in the Dhaka general hospital.

These centers, in cooperation with NGOs, provided legal, medical, and psychiatric services. During the last year, victims were served by government and NGO care facilities in Bangladesh; some of these may Android warianty binarne. been victims of trafficking.

The Ministry of Expatriate Welfare and Overseas Employment continued to operate shelters for female Bangladeshi victims of trafficking and exploitation in Riyadh and Jeddah.

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Law enforcement personnel encouraged victims of trafficking, when identified, to participate in investigations and prosecutions of their traffickers, but there was no evidence of the number of victims who assisted in investigations and prosecutions of traffickers in the reporting period.

Authorities did not penalize victims for unlawful acts committed as a direct result of their being trafficked.

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When no space was available in shelter homes, however, female victims of trafficking — as wards of the police or court — stayed in jails. From February to Octoberlocal police in India rescued seven adult female Bangladeshi sex trafficking victims.

In March — after some of the women had remained in shelters for over a year in India — the Government of Bangladesh began working with NGOs and the Government of India Indian government to repatriate these women.

Human trafficking in Bangladesh

As of the writing System handlowy w Bangladeszu this report, the process has not been finalized. Workers are System handlowy w Bangladeszu to the BAIRA complaint mechanism because it offers quick cash payouts though usually much less than the wages they were denied and the recruitment fees paid and requires significantly less proof of paid fees — most fees charged were illegal and thus had no corresponding receipts.

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If there are "major" disputes, recruitment agencies may lose their licenses; however, NGOs report that friends and family members of agency heads successfully file for new licenses. Recruitment agencies may also incur criminal charges. NGOs allege officials working at Bangladeshi embassies abroad were mostly unresponsive to complaints and attempts to seek restitution abroad were rare.

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The Government of Bangladesh continued to donate land for System handlowy w Bangladeszu IOM project which established a coffee stand run by rehabilitated trafficking victims. During the reporting period, the BMET reportedly shut down one recruiting agency, cancelled the licenses and confiscated the security deposit money of six agencies for their involvement in fraudulent recruitment practices that potentially facilitated human trafficking.

This is a decrease from the nine agencies shut down and 25 agencies whose licenses were cancelled in the previous reporting period.