The launch of production from the Lubiatów and Międzychód fields will contribute to increasing the overall crude output. Industry disruption is happening at a more rapid pace.

The Proxy is also responsible for monitoring the progress of the implementation of the strategic and operational goals, and for reporting actions scheduled for a given period to the Management Board. It is worth noting that since the strategic objectives have been among the criteria used to evaluate senior management staff, following their inclusion in annual MBO targets. In this way the strategic objectives are reflected in the goals set for individual employees and teams.

SinceGroup companies have conducted their businesses based on their own Sustainable Development and Responsible Business Strategies. Furthermore, it is also based on the guidelines and indicators described by the Global Compact and the ISO standard.

This Report presents our pursuit of the objectives defined in the Sustainable Development and Responsible Business Strategy in the period from January to December This Report has not been reviewed externally, although selected indicators and the financial data presented are consistent with the PGNiG Annual Report and Financial Statements for and, as such, were verified by the auditors of the Annual Report. Independent audits of environmental protection systems were carried out at PGNiG companies.

Quiz System Hat and Trading changes that took place within the Company's organisation in the last year do not affect the comparability of data included in the reports for previous years. Information on the changes in the Company's organisational structure has been presented in the 'PGNiG — Company profile' section. There is no need to adjust the information contained in the reports for previous years.

The acquisition was financed by PGNiG with proceeds from a notes programme.

Model wykresu Trzy czarne wrony Opcja Transakcja Podatek dochodowy Indie

With this transaction, PGNiG has become a multi-utility group, supplying heat, electricity and gas to its customers.

Being awarded the operatorship of the PLS licence is a significant step forward for the company. This is the first operatorship awarded to PGNiG Norway, which highlights the company's natural development. The draft was prepared based on documents including the President of the Energy Regulatory Office's recommendations for gas deregulation in Poland, dated November 15thas well as the Natural Gas Prices Deregulation Roadmap, dated December 22nd The purpose of the Programme is to create market conditions under which gas prices for institutional customers can be deregulated.

PGNiG is aware that the Polish gas market may be subject to major changes post-deregulation. On average, the prices and charge rates for the supply of high-methane gas type E, and nitrogen-rich gas types Lw and Ls were increased by The tariff came into force Platforma handlowa dla opcji of March 31st The pipeline will enable the transmission of natural gas from the Dębno region, through the Kłodawa mixing plant and LMG oil and gas production facility, to the Grodzisk mixing and nitrogen rejection unit, and will be used as a storage facility to cover temporary shortages of nitrogen-rich gas.

In the new Tariff, the average rate of charges for gas storage services was reduced by approximately 7. A notice was given by BP, the operator of the Skarv project, that the launch of oil and gas production on the Quiz System Hat and Trading Continental Shelf would be postponed from Q2 to Q4 The postponement was caused by a delay in the installation of risers due to adverse weather conditions on the Norwegian Sea.

The contract, valued at PLN 1. PGNiG published its financial results for Q1 Once again, the Exploration and Production segment recorded a two-digit increase in revenue from exploration services.


Under the programme, PGNiG may issue, for private placement, fixed or floating rate notes with maturities of up to 10 years.

The Annual General Meeting resolved to allocate the entire net profit and retained earnings forrespectively of PLN 1. PGNiG issued the first tranche of long-term notes under the note programme launched in May The nominal value of the notes issued was PLN 2. At the time it was the largest note issue ever completed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange by a non-bank corporate issuer. The area on which the parties will operate spans approximately square kilometres.

  • Our website features a dedicated Investor Relations section, where every capital market participant may find the most important updates on the Company, market forecasts of the Group's performance and the most recent stock recommendations, sourced from research reports by brokerage houses covering PGNiG.
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Estimated expenditure on gas exploration, appraisal and production at the first three sites the Kochanowo, Częstkowo and Tępcz pads will amount to PLN 1. The field lies near the Snadd North gas field and borders the Skarv field. For the fifth time in succession, the Warsaw Stock Exchange announced the list of companies included in its Respect Index.

PGNiG was again included in the prestigious group.

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The term of the contract, valued at approximately EUR 1. The selling price will be determined with reference to gas prices quoted on the European Energy Exchange EEXand payments for supply of gas will be settled in euros. The parties agreed on a new pricing formula based on the prices of petroleum products and current market prices of natural gas, and set a new capacity charge rate.

The fields were developed as part of the Lubiatów-Międzychód-Grotów project, whose purpose is to facilitate the transport, storage and sale of crude oil, natural gas, liquid sulphur and propane-butane mix from the LMG oil and gas production facility. The launch of production from the Lubiatów and Międzychód fields will contribute to increasing the overall crude output. After testing and commissioning is completed, the LMG project will be subject to final acceptance.

PGNiG completed its exploration programme in Denmark. In connection with the signing of the annex, the arbitration proceedings before the Stockholm Arbitration Tribunal were closed. PGNiG published its financial results for Q3 Cumulative loss of PLN 1.

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In Q3 alone the segment, which is responsible for handling gas trading, reported a PLN m slide in its operating result, which ultimately arrived in negative territory at PLN m. Key contributors included higher revenue from crude oil sales, continued operating expense discipline particularly in the area of services and employee benefits and fewer dry wells.

Strong performance was also reported by the Distribution segment. However, the agency also noted that the scale of future benefits from the execution of the annex with OOO Gazprom Export will depend on the price quoted to end users of gas.

According to the rating agency, the Company sustained the largest gas trading loss on record as the national regulator failed to react quickly enough to higher Quiz System Hat and Trading of imported gas in the sales prices effective in Poland in The Agency pointed out that the Company's financial ratios had fallen since due to negative margins on gas sales and high investment expenditure. The Agency perceived PGNiG's liquidity as adequate and did not anticipate any significant changes in its business risk profile over the next two years, which was reflected in the stable outlook.

On average, the prices and charge rates for the supply of high-methane gas type E, and nitrogen-rich gas types Lw and Ls were reduced by 6. Its objective is to prepare the Company for operating on a deregulated gas market. The PGNiG Group is intent on maintaining its lead in the upstream segment and supplies of natural gas, while also offering heat and electricity. Their knowledge, qualifications and commitment are not only instrumental to the Company's day-to-day operations and achievement of its goals and tasks, but also contribute to its unique nature and growth prospects.

The aim of sponsoring dragon boat teams was to encourage participation in sports, keeping in shape and supporting local sporting activities.

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Furthermore, the Management wanted to take care of the employees' after-hours development. The tradition of dragon boat racing originated in the 5th century BC, but only came to Europe in the s.

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In return for PGNiG's support, Wiking is providing its employees with an opportunity to train in the club's boats and offering the help of a professional steersman during races. The helping hand of the club's professionals was particularly useful during the team's earliest training, when few of the enthusiasts knew what to do while paddling in such an extraordinary boat.

Their first racing successes soon followed, proving the exceptional commitment of the employees. The team also participates in the opening of the racing season on the Motława river in Gdańsk, in the competition during Sea Days and Gdańsk Days in the team took third placeas well as in St.

Biały SUV potrącił wózek z dzieckiem, dziewczynka zmarła. Policja zatrzymała podejrzanego Policja mówi o ogromnym wsparciu mieszkańców w poszukiwaniach sprawcy wypadku, do jakiego doszło w piątek wieczorem na drodze wojewódzkiej nr w Przęsławicach koło Sochaczewa.


Kierujący białym SUV-em w czasie wyprzedzania potrącił wózek z miesięcznym dzieckiem, po czym uciekł z miejsca wypadku. Dziewczynki nie udało się uratować. We find the best way of doing this is to move them from job to job and department to department. They meet colleagues who they might not normally meet, and learn about their jobs and how they operate.

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I've been interested in photography since I was very young, so when I finished school I started learning how to be a photographer. I spend my week working with a professional, who teaches me about all the different aspects of the job. At the same time, I receive training in areas such as numeracy, problem-solving and interpersonal My company can't hold training workshops in the office because we don't have enough space, and of course while we are learning, we aren't actually making money, so the company feels it wouldn't be making the best use of its employees.

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Instead, they send us to a college in the evening where we develop our skills and knowledge. Once a year we look at the different skills and abilities of our staff, and we decide if they are enough to help the company fulfil its aims and operate effectively.

We then develop a series of classes and workshops to help the staff learn more about their job and how they can operate more effectively. Our employees have to deal with a lot of difficult situations, and they often come in contact with people who can be difficult to work with and do business with.

We train them to have more confidence in themselves so that they can deal effectively with any problems and difficulties they encounter. It's very important that our employees develop skills in leadership, problem solving, decisionmaking and interpersonal communication. The best way to achieve this is to get them involved in group games and physically demanding outdoor activities like sailing and climbing.


These also help to build team spirit. Our company understands how important it is that our employees work well together in order for the company to be effective. Our training sessions are designed to instil co-operation and solidarity in a group of employees who have to work together.

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New employees in our company need to learn about our products and how they work, how the distribution system operates, how to deal with both suppliers and customers and how to handle complaints.

They also study trade and retail laws, and are accompanied on their first customer visits by their trainer.