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These first inhabitants may have been ancestors of modern Indigenous Australians [32].

The Anadarko became entangled with the French battles with the Spanish and later the Anglos and suffered the consequences, including diseases for which they had no immunity. Bythese tribes moved to Oklahoma.

The Tonkawa [4] were hunter-gatherers of the area, and often traded with their allies the Caddo and Karankawa. Like the Wichita, Karankawa and Jumanothe Tonkawa tattooed their bodies and faces.

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The town of Glen Rose became the county seat. Torrey Trading Houses opened as a part of the Sam Houston peace policy to develop friendly relationships with native tribes.

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County funds at the time limited the repair, which eliminated the clock tower. Inwork was done to restore the structure to its original design. Educational competition from the public school system caused enrollment to taper off until the institution was shut down.

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The teenager relayed the discovery to his principal, Robert McDonald. Resident Jim Ryals dug out the actual dinosaur prints and sold them to tourists.

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Paleontologist Roland T. Bird of the American Museum of Natural History in New York spotted the Adams "giant man tracks" in a tourist shop in Gallup, New Mexicoand, while recognizing them as fakes, was still intrigued enough to travel to Somervell County to Podrecznik wyboru binarnego the Glen Rose area for himself. Bird's visit resulted in a 2-year WPA project to Peak Trading System Wiki the dinosaur prints.

The American Museum of Natural History, the University of Texas at Austinthe Smithsonian Institutionand several local museums retain samples of what are said to be the best-preserved tracks in the United States.

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Census Bureauthe county has a total area of square miles  km2of which square miles  km2 is land and 5.