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Martingale Breakout Trading System

This universal system can be used for a very short  scalping   trading session  as well as for a regular day of trading longer trades. We will discuss both methods when to place orders, take profit, set a stop loss for both  scalping and normal day trading.

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  3. Ten typ wykresu jest znacznie mniej popularny wśród traderów niż wykresy słupkowe lub świecowe; jednak niektórzy twierdzą, że jest to najbardziej wyraźne odgłosy, które pomagają handlowcom podejmować lepsze decyzje handlowe.
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If you choose "Vertical" in the "Window" menu Metatrader 4 four screens in the terminal will be placed in adjacent windows in order. You will get a signal once per hour every hour.

Wskaźniki i strategie

Martingale Breakout Trading System and convenient! On 1H chart - a candle closed green at On M30 chart — a candle closed green at 3.

Martingale Breakout Trading System

On M15 chart — a candle closed green at 4. On M5 chart — a candle closed green at 5.

Martingale Breakout Trading System

The price goes another 3 pips above the close. If all the above conditions met — place a BUY order at current price: In the picture Price action candle scalping system in action. An opposite rule for a SELL entry.

Martingale Breakout Trading System

For example: 1. On 1H chart - an candle closed red at On M30 chart  — an candle closed red at 3. On M15 char t — an candle closed red at 4.

On M5 chart — an candle closed red at 5. The price goes another 3 pips below the close.

Transakcja odwrotna linii TMA

If all the above conditions have been met — place a SELL order at the current price! This example is, of course, perfect.

In reality, a candle, say,  M15  may be closed green. In this case, other candles being red, we will have to wait for the next candle.