CrossRef Google Scholar Copyright information. Thanks to Marketing Automation systems, we can monitor current and historical data on contact activity and transactions, and analyze their purchase path — so-called Customer Journey. Systems using marketing automation allow you to compile this data. Bibliography Aalst W. Specifically, the Guidelines provide guidance on how economic operators should implement Article 4, by clarifying: the scope and which economic operator should act as the economic operator referred to in Article 4 for a given product; the tasks of the economic operator; and the practical application of Article 4 according to the type of economic.

The CPAG is meant to bring together representatives from consumer organisations, civil society and industry in support of the Consumer Agenda. The group will meet twice a year, and subgroup meetings will also be organised twice a year.

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  • Systems based on marketing automation are getting gradually more often connected with Deep Data analysis, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in order to provide the website users with the perfectly tailored and personalized content.
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  • DCCS enables Amazon device and subscription businesses to innovate faster and deliver more for customers while ensuring reliability, scale, security and cost efficiency by building services and tools that are self-serviceable and configurable.

The EU has announced on several occasion its intention to further promote instant payment in the EU to ensure access to high quality, cost-efficient, safe payment solutions domestically and cross-border, but also foster competition against global players like card schemes.

In this IIA, the Commission is assessing various options, including non-legislative and legislative options. Stakeholders will have until 7 April to give their feedback to the IIA. It will later be followed by a public consultation that will be made available via this link. The Report includes a wide range of propositions directed at the European Commission in view of the publication of an initiative on due-diligence and corporate responsibility in June The report also introduces the idea of risk-based proportionality for SMEs § MEPs also called on the Commission to explore solutions on transparency requirements and investigate the role of digital solutions.

The Parliament text calls on the Commission to reverse the burden of proof in corporate due diligence lawsuits from the plaintiff to the defendant. It also urges new legislation to allow plaintiffs, wherever they are in the world, to bring an EU-based company to court within the bloc.

The flow most frequently described in the literature is information flow Coyle, Bardi, and Langleyp.

However, despite a 6-month postponement due to COVID and the fact that some Member States had declared they would not be ready by 1 JanuaryGermany and the Netherlands made it clear in early that they would only put in place a partially operating and an emergency IT system by July.

In its letter to DG TAXUD, Ecommerce Europe called on the European Commission to ensure that all Member States respect the deadline, avoiding a loophole in the national implementations of the Package and the creation of a gateway for unfair trading practices through the non-compliant Country.

Ecommerce Europe has asked the European Commission to assess those laws and take the necessary steps to avoid gold plating and ensure a smooth implementation. Commission publishes three guidance documents, including on Art. The guidance on the market surveillance of goods clarifying Article 4 of the new Market Surveillance Regulation aims to strengthen market surveillance in the EU and help ensure that products reaching the EU market, particularly those sold online, comply with EU product rules.

Specifically, the Guidelines provide guidance on how economic operators should implement Article 4, by clarifying: the scope and which economic operator should act as the economic operator referred to in Article 4 for a given product; the tasks of the economic operator; and the practical application of Article 4 according to the type of economic.

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As the aim of Article 4 is to facilitate the work of the market surveillance and border authorities, the Guidelines also set out how the authorities can make use of this requirement in practice. The Guidance on the implementation of the Regulation on Mutual Recognition offers detailed information on various aspects of the Regulation, including on the mutual recognition declaration for operators, the assessment of goods for national authorities, and on support services provided by SOLVIT centres and Product Contact Points.

Finally, the guidance on the application of Treaty provisions regarding the free movement of goods gives an overview of the relevant case law of the Court of Justice of the EU on obstacles that may affect goods and operators in the Single Market. European Commission publishes Roadmap on Business Taxation for 21st Century The European Commission has published a roadmap on business taxation in the 21st century in order to gather views on how to best fit our current corporate tax framework for the new challenges posed by the globalisation and digitalisation of the economy.


The initiative will take stock of OECD discussions on the reform of the international corporate taxation framework and articulate this with action at EU level. It will lay down principles and priorities for the EU business tax agenda over the coming years and articulate EU action with the on-going discussions at the international level on taxation of the digital economy and minimum effective taxation.

Overall, Member States support the aim of the proposal but ask for various changes. The all-day conference started with interventions from three high-ranking government officials from the Netherlands, France and Poland.

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French Secretary of State for Digital Cédric O said that online platforms such as social media cannot be considered as only hosting providers. He said national regulators should be more empowered to ensure proper oversight over the activities of social media platforms. Finally, Prabhat Agarwal, Head of Unit for e-commerce at the European Commission and responsible for the drafting of the DSA text, noted that the EU executive is well aware of the blurring divisions between social media platforms and online marketplaces.


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Google Scholar Ivanov D. Google Scholar Kawa A. Teoria, instrumenty i technologie [Configuring the Supply Chain. Digital commerce team handles complexities of managing all digital subscriptions across Amazon, including Amazon Prime, Kindle Unlimited, Audible, music, and video, using the latest in high-availability services and distributed systems.

Subscriptions is aiming to drive new customer experiences and solve new complex technical challenges while continuing to successfully serve millions of existing customers. Targeting all these groups with the same message would negatively impact the effectiveness of sales and marketing performance.

Approaching prospective customers with cycles and analyzing their reactions will in the next step facilitate lead segmentation and single out the most promising leads to be taken care of by your sales force.

Customer Lifecycle Analytics

Automated greetings — Marketing Automation system will send dedicated messages to identified leads following their visit to your website. A well constructed greeting message may instantly identify the area of interest of your prospective customers and equip them with the knowledge about your business or your product range.

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For example, a customer who filled out the contact form expressing interest in a product or service for small and medium companies, automatically falls into the segment of customers covered by the cyclic marketing automation program, which sends the message first immediately after filling out the form, then another message after 3 days and another one after a week.

The major aims behind Lead Nurturing is involving your leads in automated marketing program targeting them with a series of automated, customized and predefined sales, marketing or informative messages in order to maintain the contact with a prospective customer.

If your leads are not interested in maintaining relations with your company, they will most likely unsubscribe or, at least, show disinterest by ignoring your emails or links. This, in turn, may exclude them from the group of prospects identified by Marketing Automation as prospects to be contacted by the sales team. Through the use of Lead Nurturing marketing automation, we can communicate key concepts to prospective customers — Lead Nurturing programs offer you the chance to unobtrusively communicate key facts, comparisons and reviews to your prospective customer.

They may orientate your prospects towards the purchasing decision, which will play a key role in the entire sales process.

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For us it is a facilitation that will allow us to recognize the best moment for sale — analysis of customer behavior using the Marketing Automation system in response to the targeted Lead Nurturing program allows you to indicate the so-called Trigger Points — moments when it is best to contact the customer.

However, what if we do not have a customer base, our site is new and we want to appear on the market? How Marketing Automation systems can help you generate potential customers?

No database — how to get a valuable customer? Lead Generation is the process of acquiring customers, which is usually carried out by placing a contact form, telemarketing or affiliate programs on the website. The problem in generating leads is, however, the decreasing quality of potential customers leading to an increase in selling costs, which results from the fact that sales departments gain either uninformed customers or people who simply are not interested in the service.

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The challenge is to eliminate poor leads not interested in your products or services, who have filled out your contact form motivated by other factors. The use of the Marketing Automation system and its opportunities to acquire contacts makes it possible to obtain contact data with every interaction of a potential customer with marketing content provided by the company.


What is important, the system with Marketing Automation technology will automatically distinguish identified and anonymous contacts, thanks to which only anonymous contacts will be asked for contact details. Various, flexible and personalized forms of acquiring contacts make us start generating a lot more leads directly from anonymous traffic on the website.

Another way to measure the value of your potential customers is to create an automated scoring system. Scoring and life goals Marketing Automation platforms such as SALESmanago offer one of the most innovative lead scoring modules available in Marketing Automation tools.

Scoring is simply the process of automatically assigning a particular number of points to a particular lead for any detected interaction between the lead and the company. Using lead scoring, you may give your sales force clear information as to the most promising leads to be contacted in the first place.

The Marketing Automation system awards scoring points on the basis of the following: general scoring rules — these are the rules defined in the system settings, which relate to particular lead behaviors. Marketing Automation systems also generate detailed scoring rules — particular scoring rules — set and executed as automation rules enable you to add or deduct points for very specific behaviors, including: visits to specific url addresses subpagesopens and clicks on particular emails, entries from specific search phrases or sources.

Using lead scoring in Marketing Automation platform you can more effectively automate your sales and marketing activities and control them with regard to the actual engagement of every lead. Our users can also set a maximum score which, if reached, defines the Key AlgorytMic Commerce System Tool Kit Review as ready to purchase, after which the lead is automatically transferred to a dedicated sales rep.

Optimization and multidimensional analysis of customer behavior In a situation where the analysis of basic data about the activity of our customers is not enough, the Marketing Automation systems come to our aid by offering us the so-called Big Data analysis. Big Data is a new concept in marketing that is inherently associated with Marketing Automation systems.

All actions in this area result from analysing large packages of quickly generated data — Big Data.

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As the analysis is performed in real time, all Big Data Marketing activities are triggered on an ongoing basis and are consistently based on the most recently updated customer information. This dynamic combination of customized communication and content with the customer reality supported by Marketing Automation system enables you to provide your customers with what they exactly need at this particular moment.

Stanowiska i postulaty legislacyjne Izby Gospodarki Elektronicznej e-Izbaktóre przekazywaliśmy do Komisji Europejskiej. Podsumowania tygodnia The deadline to reply to the consultation is 9 June. The proposal is to be tabled by June for an expected operational readiness from onwards. Currently, the Commission is working on a bill that will implement an international minimum corporate tax rate Pillar 2 of the OECD two-pronged package deal.

Big Data marketing is based on real-time tracking of prospect behavior on website, data from Marketing Automation, CRM, ERP, BI and loyalty schemes, monitoring customers activity in social media — supported by integration with Marketing Automation platforms, analysis of gathered data in near real-time and personalized one-to-one communication with the customer using the optimally selected marketing automation channel.

It allows recognition and selection of the best target group of recipients, creating audience segments based on their interest and providing personalized content at the right time and the appropriate communication channel adjusted to a specific customer. Another very important effect of actions from the category of Big Data Marketing is linking each new contact with a series of marketing actions on the one hand, and their behavior with the final effect on the other.