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Whether five-pointed in shape, six-pointed, or in some other configuration, the star is a premier symbol of the Devil. The inverted pentagram five-pointed star is widely used by hard-core Satan worshippers.

It is central to all Masonic undertaking, for it enlightens the earth, and by its benign influence dispenses its blessings to mankind…It is found in the 28th degree and is the symbol of truth.

It is found in the 4th degree as a symbol of light and in the 9th degree it is a symbol of divine providence.

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To gain a more direct perspective, we turn to Frenchman Eliphas Levi, a nineteenth-century satanist whose works inspired the writings of Albert Pike, the Sovereign Grand Commander of international Freemasonry. Levi enthusiastically reports: The pentagram with two horns in the ascendant represents Satan, or the goat of the Sabbath. The horn downward naturally represents the demon, that is, intellectual subversion, disorder and folly. Cathy Burns explains that the Blazing Star, or pentagram, has many meanings germane to the doctrines of Illuminism and the occult.

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This same star God was worshipped in Egypt, and the children of Israel, while wandering in the desert, fell under his hypnotic powers. They called him Moloch, Chiun, and Remphan. The prophet Amos castigated the Jewish idolaters for this unholy sacrilege: But ye have borne the tabernacle of your Moloch and Chiun your images, the star of your God, which ye made to yourselves. Amos A Magical Charm and Talisman To Illuminists everywhere, the pantacle star, or pentagram, is considered a powerful charm, a talisman, and an emblem of favor with the Deity of the Underworld.

Oh, how the Communists, founded by Karl Marx, a high priest of Satan, cherished their red stars! It is believed that this Jewel holds magical powers.

It can be used to invoke, or invite, spirits and to work spells. Albert Pike thus advised: Another Jewel is necessary for you, and in certain undertakings cannot be dispensed with. It is what is termed the Kabalistic pantacle pentagram …This carries with it the power of commanding the spirits of Jako obfity kilka MNI Bank FNB IRA elements.

It is necessary for you to know how to use it.

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Attorney-General, in Washington, D. Displayed on public land, that statue is carefully tended to by the National Park Service. Technically, there are several different types of occultic stars, each having its own set of doctrinal characteristics. The enneagram, for example, a nine-pointed star, is popular as a spiritual talisman in the Bahai faith and Theosophy and in other New Age occult sects.

A pentalpha is more blatantly satanic.

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It is the form of a triple triangle. The pentagram star can also be called the pentacle, pentalpha, the Star of Isis, the Star of Venus and by other names. Its usage can be traced back to Babylon and it has often been employed in magical rites and activities.

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It is sometimes said that the inverted pentagram, when it has two points ascendant, connotes evil and two points descendant, or down, indicates good, but this is not so. Either direction can be evil.

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With this image, one can cast spells, curse victims, and otherwise wreak havoc. Or so it is said.

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The six-pointed star was especially beloved by the cabalistic rabbis of the medieval era. The Rothschild Dynasty later adopted this star Zole ciecie Klaipeda. a magical device and was instrumental in persuading money talks!

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It is the symbol of the Israel national flag, even though a more appropriate device undoubtedly would be the Torah, the Menorah, or some other historic or religious symbol. Thus, it is very possible that the six-pointed star could become the Mark of the Beast, the Antichrist, as prophesied in Revelation The Illuminists, cabalists, and Masons cunningly have also chosen the six-pointed star as symbol because of its hidden sexual meanings.

It is made up of two triangles, integrated together, one superimposed on the other. The triangle pointing downward Delta represents the female vagina; the triangle pointed upward the male phallus. Joined, or yoked, the two triangles represent the generative sex act. Austin, and others—who wrested political control of the state in an internecine struggle with Mexican Masonry Mexican President, General Santa Anna, was also a Mason.

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