Mimo to kupujemy coraz więcej online, a lokalne firmy stają się międzynarodowymi korporacjami. Oczywiście musimy pamiętać, że wysyłki do Europy i USA są dotowane przez chiński rząd, a centra logistyczne powstaną w najbliższym czasie, bo tego będą wymagali klienci krótszy czas dostawy.

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With information spread across several documents and team members not seeing the big picture, many companies decide to implement tools for keeping their data in order.

Odoo is a free open-source software that offers a number of apps supporting you in different aspects of managing your business. At Macopedia, we will help you decide which elements of Odoo are beneficial for running your operations smoothly and then implement the chosen apps.

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They approach this goal from different perspectives: CRM Customer Relationship Management is all about storing client-related data. Sales teams appreciate CRM software, as it enables them to track leads, follow up on Systemy handlowe Back Office and stay on top of negotiations.

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Company management, on the other hand, is able to monitor its performance and make financial forecasts more accurately. Depending on the nature of your business, it could be ranging from employee payroll to supply chain management. Visibility into internal operations is a good opportunity to optimize processes and limit waste. Make informed decisions Being data-driven is easier when your data is organized, relevant and up-to-date.

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The apps themselves are easily integrated with each other. Wide variety of options Choose from On top of that, there are integrations with external service providers.

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