By analysing the requirements and comparing them with the existing solutions, the repositories can be checked for compliance with Plan S. It coordinates activities of all the organizational units of the University, as well as people who fulfill tasks concerning technology transfer, commercialization and cooperation with the economy. Wyświetlanie 1 - 10 z 16 rezultatów. The role of librarians evolved towards becoming specialists who not only supervised the process of uploading resources on open repositories, provided the training for academic staff, but also promoted the idea of OA. Results and conclusions — Some new specialisations in librarianship have been introduced — e.

He joined UCL in He has a Ph. Changing the culture of Research Metrics in research organisations The paper will look at the cultural change at institutional level that is required to effect the move to Open Science. It will describe the 8 pillars of Open Science, as defined by the European Commission, and then look in detail at the issue of the responsible use of metrics.

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It will analyse the high level findings of a recent HEFCE survey on the use of Bibliometrics in UK universities; and then propose a 4-step plan to enable universities and research organisations to promote the responsible use of metrics. Libraries play an important role in this.


She also headed information and IT at a UN ­affiliated international research institution in Vienna for 10 years. She has also been programme and project manager to Europeana. Many of us in Europe are reliant on our ministries or on generous institutions for funding, but when governments or priorities change, how sure are we that this funding can or will continue?

Or are we going to leave it to large publishers to purchase services and infrastructure to add it to their increasingly diversified portfolio, increasing our dependency on them? A range of Open Research initiatives are experimenting with new business models to help combat these challenges.

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Such developments are changing mindsets as regards the way we finance Open Research. It is time to rethink how we fund the Open Ograniczone opcje zapasow dla Wielkiej Brytanii and infrastructure that support Open policy and practice. Merely continuing to talk of the need to sustain service and infrastructure or taking a piecemeal approach will not cut it, we need to see a strategic vision and approach to help ensure the scholarly communications services and infrastructure are here for years to come.

From this Office he is leading different projects towards openness related to open educational resources, open access and open data within his own institution and partnering with external institutions.

Webinar: Digital Innovation Ecosystems | Interreg Europe

Facing the Open Science challenges from a university perspective When we talk about Open Science we talk about new ways of performing research and disseminating results. Many researches are embracing this new way of doing research, sometimes fostered by funders, and universities must act.

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Open Science brings challenges and opportunities that must be evaluated from a university perspective in order to make changes on the way they provide services and infrastructures for researches. And, moreover, Open Science implies new ways of evaluating research, internally and externally. Universities must develop their own strategy for Open Science and an action plan to implement it. In this talk I will introduce some ideas on how to develop it.

Janusz Smulko's research interests random from signals used as a source of information for the detection of gases, types of corrosion and to assess the quality of materials and electronic components. He has published over scientific papers, authored 2 monographs and co-authored two academic textbooks. His work has been cited more than times, and the Hirsch index is 16 Scopus, Dec. Since he is the head of the Department of Metrology and Optoelectronics. He defended 4 doctorates all with honors and he is the tutor of 4 doctoral students.


He reviewed 7 doctoral theses and 3 habilitation procedures. He managed 6 research projects and he was awarded with 16 GUT Rector prizes. It is not easy to define and contain many aspects, shadows and a multitude of assumptions that are rather hard to implement together at the same time. Open Science is a topic accompanied by a vivid discussion of different stakeholders from a scholar, librarians, publishers or IT staff. Each country has its own road to achieving Open Science.

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There are several good practices and models from many countries such as the Netherlands, the United Kingdom or the United States. Poland is one of the countries where the idea of Open Science is still in the developing phase.

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However, recently it has been observed an uprising trend to increase a significant number of scientific and research projects using idea of Open Access and Open Research Data. Our scientific journals are fully based on the Open Access model.

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Setting up the institutional repository and scientific platform The Bridge of Knowledge, helped us to reach a large number of scholars that are willing to share their research findings. Our next step for Open University Digital Strategy Science will be more challengeable.

Webinar: Digital Innovation Ecosystems

The Bridge of Data project is strongly in line with the European Commission strategy to build up the infrastructure and awareness of the benefits of opening research data. At GUT and in cooperation with others institutions from the Pomeranian region the University of Gdańsk and Medical University of Gdańsknot only the data repository will be established but in addition the Training and Open University Digital Strategy Center.

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We would like to provide for scientists the infrastructure and support at the same time to achieve satisfactory results in sharing research data.

De Gruyter publishes first-class scholarship and has done so for more than years.

An international, independent publisher headquartered in Berlin -- and with further offices in Boston, Beijing, Basel, Vienna, Warsaw and Munich — it publishes over 1, new book titles each year and more than journals in the Open University Digital Strategy, social sciences, medicine, mathematics, engineering, computer sciences, natural sciences, and law.

The publishing house also offers a wide range of digital media, including a large number of open access journals and books. De Gruyter has been one of the first publishers to embrace Open Access and now has an impressive OA book and journal portfolio, which has been growing both organically and through acquisitions.

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Launching new journals and flipping subscription ones to OA is always a challenge, however figures show that not only is it possible, but can be beneficial to the journal in the long run. Elad has a wide background in software solutions and mobile applications for enterprise businesses, including in roles in product management, pre-sales, and instructional designing and training.