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Marine spares on time Flex Trading is a technical ship supplier which provides shipchandler services. With our knowledge and experience regarding technical matters, our team has what it takes to support your vessel in a professional and individual way.

More Download our shipchandler catalogue Our company delivers technical shipchandler goods such as valves, pipe couplings, gaskets, rubber products and others during duties on vessels.

Systemy FlexTrade LLC.

We delivery to every ports in Europe and have access to delivery solution to world wide. Download Flex Trading Intro Shipchandler services We create best delivery solution for you Many years of work with european suppliers led us to deliver high quality products at competitive prices during short time delivery.

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Logistics We can provide goods to the main european ports and shipyards like Hamburg, Rotterdam and Antwerp, even in one working day. More Custom made elements Being well oriented among local workshops, allows us to expand our offer with custom made marine spares, which you can find helpful in the preparation process.

Systemy FlexTrade LLC.

Flex Trading company is present in every port around Europe providing supply to many variants of ships. We provide our supprot to shipyards and Systemy FlexTrade LLC. in: Germany.

Systemy FlexTrade LLC.